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With rapid development of the society and intense working rhythm, more and more people are suffering from psychological problems. Insommia, headache, interests decline, deficient in energy, feel down, irritability and other negative emotions are all symptoms for psychological sub-health. 

Those problems can cause serious problems if can’t be treat timely. Therefore, it’s very important to relieve pressure and get professional help.

At IMC-Beijing, our psychologist offers treatment for a wide range of psychological problems. We provide expert, professional service in English, Chinese, Farsi and Japanese.

The specialties of our psychologist include:

Adult Issues:

Depression, anxiety, fear, anger, eating disorders, sleeping problems, alcohol/drug abuse, stress, psychotic disorders, weight loss, stop smoking, headache and pain management.

Family and Marital Issues:

Separation, marital problems, midlife crisis, sexual difficulties and erectile dysfunction.

Children problems:

Emotional issues of children from mixed-marriages, inattention, hyperactivity(ADHD), impulsive and oppositional behavior, anger, bed wetting, learning difficulties, development disorders and autism.

Career or Occupational Concerns:

career change, burn out, stress and relationship difficulties at the work place.

Other Specialties:

Biofeedback therapy, hypnosis and Employee Assistant Program (EAP).