+ Event: IMC Donates Three Wheelchairs to the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB)
IMC helped celebrate WAB's 2013 'Community Picnic' with a donation.


+Knowledge: IMC's Dr. Salahat Provides 10 Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter.
Dr. Salahat highlights some simple but important ways to keep you and your family healthy over the winter season.

+Expansion: IMC Opens a New Integrative Medicine Clinic on September 1, 2013.
The Integrative Medicine has opened to provide clients with the most advanced Physiotherapy, Chropractic, Therapeutic Massage and other pain management services.








You may send us a request for an appointment with our doctors on a specific time of a particular day through Appointment.


If you want to register at one of our free seminars or join our membership program, please do so through Registration.


Your comments on our services are very important to us. Please send it through Comments and submit your opinions to us. Thank you!


Our clinic staff will respond to your request within the next 24 hours either by phone or through Email.

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