1. Gynecology

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International Medical Center (IMC-Beijing) is equipped with standard gynecological examining table and four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. IMC-Beijing specially invites gynecologic experts to provide comprehensive gynecological examination and treatment service for all female customers.

In addition, pregnancy test, prenatal examination and post-natal rehabilitation medical service can also be provided in IMC-Beijing.

Specific service items in Gynecology Department including:

- Regular gynecological health checkups, diagnose and treatment.

- Gynecological infections examination.

- Thinprep cytology test (TCT)

- Human papilloma virus test (HPV)

- Gynecological ultrasound

- Gynecological endocrinology

- Pre-pregnancy physical examination

- Prenatal examination (including non-invasive prenatal genetic testing)

- Post-natal rehabilitation

IMC Gynecologists:

Professor  Zhao Yan

Dr.Sun Zhihui  Attending Doctor