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Is this a naughty child or ADHD!?

In my years of practice I have seen many expat and Chinese parents whom confuse the child’s symptoms and for many years blamed their children to be a bad or naughty child. In result the poor child did not have any chance to get psychological treatment to overcome his difficulties at early age. Below, I briefly state few symptoms of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to help parents recognizing the problem. As a reminder not every child has all the following symptoms. 

Some of these symptoms are:

-Quite hyperactive

-Often loosing things easily

-Often fail to complete chores

-Homework has many careless errors and messy

-Often having behavior problem

-Often having problem with attention (easily distracted)

-Problem with concentration

-Problem with impulsivity (engage in many dangerous actions without being aware of its consequence such as crossing the road without looking)

-Having difficulty waiting

-Interrupt others when talking 

-Having learning problem

-Having low self confidence

-Often anxious, history of bed-wetting

Children with ADD or ADHD are quite smart but due to lack of attention and concentration stay behind which affects their self confidence causing anxiety and depression which worsen their symptoms. Consequently, these children stay behind in their education.

To save your child’s happiness and education seek a psychological help for your child today! 

Take care

Dr.Mike Mehrvarz


* About The Doctor

Dr. Mike Mehrvarz, Ph.D., PDBM



-Child and Adult

-Individual, Couple and Marriage therapy

-Language: English, Chinese Mandarin, Farsi and Japanese

Dr. Mike Mehrvarz is from United States. He is a bilingual Chinese licensed Child and Adult psychologist.  Dr. Mehrvarz received his Master and Ph.D. degrees in U.S. He also completed postdoctoral fellowships in Behavior Medicine, Pain Management and Neuropsychology in USA.

Dr. Mehrvarz has extensive training and experience in Psychological, Neuropsychological, Educational & Developmental assessment and treatment of pediatric and children from birth to 18. He treats most psychological problems without medicine. Dr. Mehrvarz practiced in China over 20 years and is quite familiar with Chinese culture.

Dr. Mehrvarz has extensive experience in assessment and treatment of children with learning disorders, Dyslexia, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, Autism spectrum disorders, Asperger, ADD, ADHD, Developmental disorders and Down syndrome. Dr. Mehrvarz specializes in CBT, Neurofeedback training, Attention training, Sensory integration training, Dyslexia brain training, ABA, Sand play therapy, Biofeedback therapy, Hypnosis, Art therapy and Parent training.

Dr. Mehrvarz has a Chinese microblog for Pediatric Psychological Health.