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International Medical Center (IMC-Beijing) will provide superior service with convenient service process. We listen to the customer demand, simplify process and improve efficiency in order to make patients get treated as soon as possible.

First time with IMC

We’d like to give you warm tips that please come to IMC-Beijing 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time so that we can prepare your medical files and check your insurance benefits before you get treatment.

Please bring your valid identity certificate, such as ID card, passport, work certificate, driving license, student card or any other certificates. If you are also a medical insurance member, please bring your insurance card or insurance certificates as well.


In order to save your time, please make an appointment 24 hours before your treatment.

Contact information are as follow:    

Department Telephone
Working Hours

Medical Department       

(86)-10-6465 1561/2/3         

Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 20:00
Sat-Sun: 8:30 - 18:00


Treatment Process

- After you arriving at IMC-Beijing, please fill the sign-up sheet on the front desk. Staffs will prepare your files according
  to your information. Nurses will take your temperature.

- You can wait for your turn in the waiting room. There are magazines, juice and coffee in the waiting zone.

- We will arrange your treatment as soon as possible according to your appointment time.

- Nurses will guide you to see the doctor and do other examination and treatment procedures. Please follow their 

- After your medical treatment, you should pay the bill at front desk. For details, please see Payment Information.