1. Physical Check-up

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With the rapid pace of human lives and the adverse influence from hazy weather and tail gas, there are more and more threatening factors for our health. According to statistics, 75% of the world’s population is in the sub-health status. Early screening is the key point for health management. Finding out potential diseases by physical check-up and then receiving adjustment and treatment in the first place is very important to improve your life quality.

International Medical Center (IMC-Beijing) has been devoted to providing comfortable and comprehensive medical services to customers for the past 30 years. IMC-Beijing would like to help you and your family keep healthy.

IMC-Beijing can provide comprehensive check-up service for you! We can also personalize check-up package and followed medical service to meet your specific needs! We’re always keeping ourselves fully-prepared to be your medical provider!

Group Physical Check-up

IMC-Beijing can personalize check-up plans for companies, international organizations, international schools, family members and other group members. Those plans including but not limited to annual health check-up, orientation check-up, enrollment check-up, special check-up and comprehensive check-up (also including overseas check-up).

For detail information, please contact Marketing Department at 010-84484585, or send email to marketing@imcclinics.com

Visa and Immigration Check-up

As one of the designated check-up service centers by Spain embassy, IMC-Beijing can provide reliable and convenient visa check-up service. Customers can deliver check-up report to embassy without any translation or notarization.

In addition, IMC-Beijing can also provide immigration check-up, and medical report will follow the format that its embassy request.

For details and physical examination plans, please contact us 010 - 64651561/2/3